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Presented design professor, Ph.D., Phylonin O.V. in the field of tomography for scientific applications

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Here are the topics and summaries of dissertations completed under the direction of O. Phylonin about the problems and challenges tomography.

Graduate students, post-graduate life, and successfully defended his dissertation

Graduate students who have graduated successfully graduate, but not thesis in due time


Yavtsev V.F.


Method and program - the hardware of few tomography diagnoses of objects with local heterogeneities.


Speciality 05.13.16


Supervisor Associate Phylonin O.V.


Panin V.V.


Tomography diagnostics of torches and flames in relation to the combustion chamber gas turbine engine.


Specialities 05.13.16 05.07.2005



Professor J.A. Knish,

Associate professor Phylonin O.V.


Ovsischer M.V.


Mathematical Methods of diagnosis and modeling of impurity transport in tokamak plasma.


 Speciality 05.13.16



Member RAS, Prof. V.E. Golant,

Assistant Professor Phylonin O.V.



Korznikov I.


Few projections IV 3D - imaging of physical objects


Supervisor Associate Phylonin OV



Chubarov S.


Methods and tools for receiving and preliminary processing of information in the problems a few three-dimensional imaging of self-luminous objects.


Supervisor Associate Phylonin O.V.



Berdnikov V.A.


Methods and means of few 3D - CT in medical diagnosis


Supervisor Associate Phylonin OV





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